Brilliant has supported 49 teams and mentored 221 students.

This page profiles a few selected companies.


Marion surgical

Marion Surgical is a next-generation virtual reality and haptic feedback training platform that enables surgeons to learn, collaborate and practice procedures in a virtual environment.  Through VR, Marion Surgical enable surgeons to learn, collaborate, practice and share procedures in a realistic, safe, cloud hosted environment.


Skycanvas games

SkyCanvas focuses on making games that are fresh yet familiar with an emphasis on skill based mechanics. SkyCanvas is on a mission to evolve the freemium monetization model in mobile games. This advancement holds the player-developer relationship to the highest regard and strengthens the health of the games ecosystem. 



Snippt is a mobile shopping app that's driven by videos. With a central focus on storytelling of small to mid-sized brands and their products, Snippt makes shopping from your phone a fun and engaging experience, by taking the millennial shopper from product discovery to check out in just 4 swipes.